Building & Construction Disputes

We can provide expert legal advice on building and construction disputes. We have a team that is capable of delivering quality advice in demanding and time-critical situations.


Are you experiencing a building dispute that cannot be resolved? Whether you’re a home owner, builder, developer or sub-contractor, an unresolved building or construction dispute can delay your project and cause greater financial loss.

We assist clients that are experiencing property disputes, particularly in the building and/or construction areas in relation to:

  • Residential home building;
  • Commercial building projects;
  • Industrial building projects; or
  • Infrastructure projects.

Many of these issues relate to:

  • Unreasonable building contracts;
  • Builders not honouring warranty terms after a project has been completed;
  • Projects that have been delayed or constantly are being delayed;
  • Building variations;
  • Extension of time;
  • Faulty work;
  • Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act.

We have a team of experienced building lawyers that specialise in construction law and are able to provide building dispute advice in relation to all construction claims and disputes.