Debt Recovery

Our dispute resolution team can assist with Debt Recovery services. If the matter needs to proceed further, we have the knowledge and experience to initate legal proceedings if required.


Commercial and Legal can provide debt collection services for all types of businesses.

In order to effectively and efficiently recover a debt, there are some questions you must consider such as:

  • How old is the debt?
  • Is the debtor a natural person, a company or some type of different entity?
  • Is the debtor a trustee of a trust?
  • Do you have a contract in place?
  • Do you have handwritten notes, paper trails or emails to rely on or to substantiate your claim?
  • Did you conduct a previous credit check on the debtor including its directors or proprietors?
  • Do you have a personal guarantee or bank guarantee in place?
  • Does your debtor have the capacity to actually repay the debt?
  • At Commercial and Legal, we can tailor specific advice to the size of the debt and conducting due diligence to assess the chance of recovery.

We are also able to assist business to setup their credit terms, systems, and to tailor an efficient (and cost effective) debt recovery process.

For further information, please contact our office on (08) 8206 8444.